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Dandruff is a common condition occurs on the scalp as a result of the accumulation of some dead cells with fats.
Usually, dandruff is accompanied by itching redness when inflammation.

Hair Loss & Thinning

Hair loss is an issue that affects your scalp and make you lose hair. It can be the result of anemia, hormonal changes, medical conditions or medications, stress and depression, genetic factor and the extensive usage of electric curling irons & straighteners.

Damaged Hair

You might get dry hair when your hair doesn’t get enough moisture. The loss of moisture and natural fats reduce its brightness and freshness and can make it appear damaged and fragile.

Cracked Nails

Our nails are made of layers of protein called keratin, keratin protects fingers and toes nails from damage. It also makes up the cells in our skin and hair. However, any caused damages could be as a result of some external factors such as aging, frequent usage of nail polish, polish removal, frequent exposure to water and fungal infection.

Sun-Damaged Skin

Everyone is at risk of the effects of sun exposure. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what color your skin is. Your risk increases based on the length and depth of exposure. Too much sun exposure allows UV rays to reach your inner skin layers.

Aging Skin

A group of functional and aesthetic changes of skin that appear on skin as people grow up older. Causes of skin aging could be; the lack of collagen production in skin, sun exposure, environmental factors, repetitive facial expressions, wrong sleeping positions and reduction of estrogen.

Dry Skin

Is a skin type that’s lacked in oil and lipids; this could be caused due to weather conditions, the lack of body fat production, genetic factors and medical acne treatments, sun exposure and harsh chemical soaps and cleansers.

Dehydrated Skin

Is a condition that has lack in water portion in the top layer of our skin. It could affect anyone’s face or body at any time as the result of extended sun exposure, aging, environmental weather conditions and the wrong usage of skincare treatments.

Sensitive Skin

It’s a type of skins that reacts abnormally when it faces internal triggers such as some illnesses and external triggers such as dust, heat, cosmetic products, dyes, fragrances, chemical, laser and even cold; the thing that makes it more prone to irritation and inflammation.

Brown Spots

Brown spots are uneven skin tone colors, happen when the skin produces more melanin, which leads to discoloration on skin, and make the patches on spotted areas look darker than the surrounding skin.

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